What Else Is Missing In Your Home?

So, you might be one of those stay-in moms and devout homemakers whose primary priority to make sure everything is taken cared of with your husband and children before they go to school and work. Your day might be filled with to-do things—from grocery shopping, trimming and watering the flowers in the garden, cooking the meal from breakfast to dinner, cleaning all the corners of the house, sanitizing the bathroom, washing the dishes and clothes of your loved ones—and all those hard work that people think do not consume so much time. There comes a point when you’ve to master the housework and you find yourself thinking, what else is there to do, and if there is any possible upgrade, fix up, or additional appliance that your lovely home is needing. It is your main goal anyway to make sure that everything is in order and you have resigned to the idea that your humble abode will be so cozy that your family can’t wait to go home and just stay indoor.

Here are some home fix up, probably renovation projects, house upgrades and remodelling, or simply some home drills that you need to jot down in case you have more time for home improvement in the future. Make a checklist if you wish. These are intended to guide you to become the best homemaker you could be. Go on and read away: Continue reading “What Else Is Missing In Your Home?”

All You Need to Know About Porcelain Tiles

We tile the floors of the different areas of our home for numerous reasons—perhaps mostly for aesthetical value but definitely, there are some utilitarian causes on deciding to install the chosen tiles on a particular part of the house. Ranging from simple and affordable floor coverings to more sophisticated, fashion-forward, and a bit more expensive tiles, there sure are different options to choose from for clients from different social classes.

Porcelain tiles though are a good choice for surfaces that often get wet like the bathroom area and the kitchen. Porcelain tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%.

Porcelain tile is a popular choice for bathroom floors. Porcelain is a denser, less porous and harder option that offers greater stain and water resistance than ceramic tile. Plus, it’s suitable for radiant in-floor heat to keep feet toasty on cool mornings. Porcelain offers unmatched design versatility. Tiles can mimic natural stone varieties, such as granite and limestone. Newer designs draw inspiration from exotic locales and fashion runways, with surfaces that evoke leather, fabric, even animal prints,” says Kim Hildenbrand in her article for hgtv.com titled Reasons to Choose Porcelain Tile

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Why Hire An Interior Designer

Urban events planning is an intricate job. It does not only entail long hours of planning and a great deal of manpower but demands a huge amount of creativity too. The creative team comes up with a theme and translate that into a design. People think it is easy especially, you only need to draw. However, technology also advanced design techniques that we can actually frame a layout for a specific place and look at how it would look like.

The challenge is this: how does one printed image translate to an actual one? How can people make an imagination fuse with a real space? That is interior designing that is, of course, more of a talent rather than a skill. Probably, even a specialty of some commercial interior designers.

But what is interior design?

It is an architectural concept wherein the functionality of a certain building or area is maximized while elevating its aesthetic appearance.

Since a commercial building is different from a residential one, designing it needs a different interior designer commercial approach.

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Priority of Things to buy for Home and Office

SAFETY – There are products that you need for safety and security purposes in your home. Such as door locks, window curtains for privacy. As to the latter, there are now innovations as to curtains such as solar film for home windows which are used nowadays in Singapore. There are solar windows which protect the inside from rays of the sun and are made of glass which would hold it together in case of breakage from outside forces.

The locality can answer what kind of water flows out of your faucets and if they are safe for drinking. In SG, water dispenser is usually used by residential areas in order to prevent any harmful chemicals in a combination of the water that flows out of their faucets. Continue reading Priority of Things to buy for Home and Office

Tips in Choosing a Renovation Contractor

Planning to get a house makeover this year? Did you get advice from a Feng Sui expert that you should try moving some furniture or change your wall color or perhaps do a little home renovation? Then, why not hire a renovation contractor?

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Reviews and Recommendation

Hiring a renovation contractor means you’re letting other person or group of people in entering your home. This also means that workers will be showing up at your doorstep carrying various decoration materials; may stay past certain time; and will use your bathroom. With these considerations in mind, it is just appropriate to have at least doing some background checking and perhaps asking friends or family relatives or professional for advice and referrals. Through recommendations, your time spent for searching the best renovation contractor in town will be reduced and will be much easier.  After then, from the pool of contractors, you may wish to visit their office and do some interviews. It would be good as well to request for quotation so you can keep a tab on the cost.

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