A millionaire falsely argues that millennials aren’t buying homes because they’re financially irresponsible. via Millennial to Millionaire: Stop Blaming Avocado Toast for Why We’re Not Buying Houses — Longreads Continue reading AVocadoes

Basic things to consider when buying travel insurance policies

Frequent travellers or not, anyone who are planning to spend some time in a different region or country must consider purchasing a travel insurance plan to minimize a lot of financial risks that comes with any planned trip. Not only will it protect travellers from losing money from missed flights, lost baggage, cancelled tours, travel-company … Continue reading Basic things to consider when buying travel insurance policies

For First-timers, How to Get Around Singapore Through Public Transportation

Travel with a car is more convenient than commuting, that is no secret at all. But the expenses that come together with car ownership are oftentimes outweighed its advantages, especially if you reside in a country like Singapore. A study shows that for you to maintain a car, you need to be earning at least 5,000 SGD per month because of the petroleum’s rising cost. In addition, the car owner must acquire COE or Certificate of Entitlement before he or she can drive the vehicle around the country, which can cost above 80,000 SGD to bid due to some government related regulations like the efforts to reduce traffic volumes in urban areas.

With the above-mentioned factors, what will you do if you are not capable yet of buying a car? Good for you if your workplace is just near your house, walking or cycling can be a workable alternative. Cycling is a very popular choice in this country. You can even find a material guide on intra-town cycling as noted by the Singapore Land Transport Authority. The said manual covers everything from designated cycling paths to cycling etiquette. But if you don’t know how to ride a bike, this article will offer you some of the options you have to get around Singapore. Continue reading “For First-timers, How to Get Around Singapore Through Public Transportation”

Why You Need a Condo

If you talk to any financial advisers, one thing they would tell you is that you already need to invest in something while you are still young and earning. This is so you can secure your future earlier than everyone else thus, be able to manage your financial portfolio better.

One such investment they would tell you to acquire is your own home. This is probably because the number of individuals who are demanding four housing units and who are actually not owning just renting is quite high.

The suburbs are getting populated and the cost of living skyrocketing due to advances that sometimes, people who move to new cities find it difficult to look for a decent home. However, young professionals nowadays are actually considering a more contemporary unit of investment which is a residential home within a city. They no longer aim for a house and lot combination as it requires a lot of paperworks, permits, taxes, as well as other maintenance requirements.

So what they do is they look for agents that can help them choose the best grandeur park condo unit for them. Why is this so? Because all they need is to produce necessary requirements and then all the other assistance would be provided to them.

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